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Practice CROSSFIT in Mijas

CrossFit is defined as a strength and conditioning training system based on constantly varied functional exercises performed at a high intensity.

This means that we use a lot of sports exercises and disciplines from which we select techniques or movements applicable to daily life and combine them in many different ways in intense training.


Your Crossfit trainer at Riviera Sport Club

Os presentamos a nuestro entrenador Marco. Nació y creció en Italia, siempre muy unido al deporte. Jugó durante muchos años como jugador profesional de baloncesto, jugando para diferentes equipos italianos y colaborando como entrenador en el equipo Atlético en la Liga Juvenil.

Cuando acabó su carrera en el baloncesto, Marco se unió al mundo fitness y consiguió el título de Entrenador Personal Avanzado, desarrollando sus conocimientos en varios países, tales como Italia, EE.UU., Australia, Canadá, España y Reino Unido.

Cuando llegó a Inglaterra Marco, junto a su mujer Tracy, fundó su propio gimnasio M3TFIT. Tras una larga carrera con grandes éxitos, Marco y Tracy llegan a Riviera Sport Club dispuestos a ayudarte en conseguir tus objetivos y sacar la mejor versión de ti mismo.

• CrossFit Judges Course
• CrossFit Powerlifting
• CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting
• CrossFit Strongman Certificate
• CrossFit Level 1 Certificate
• MMA Fitness Trainer Level 1
• Osteopathy Level 1

• FIPCF instructor (Italian Federation Olympic Weight Lifting)
• Diploma ISSA Personal Training (International Sports Sciences Association)
• Master ISSA Biomechanics
• Kettlebell Certification- Virgin Active Rome
• Applied Sports Dietary Sciences -Virgin Active Rome
• 2003 – 2007 Student University Faculty of Medicine and Surgery. – University in Lined Rome Tor Vergata


Tracy  came to the fitness world later than her husband Marco, who in fact was the person who initiated her into this discipline. She started in gymnastics to later work as a professional dancer at Phil Winstons Theater Works.In addition, in her working life she has been a model and dancer in London and Liverpool for many years.

Tracy specializes in Pilates, Crossfit for children and pilates for before and after pregnancy.

• CrossFit Level 1 Certificate
• CrossFit Kids
• Level 3 Pilates
• Level 3 Anatomy and Physiology
• Pilates for Common Orthopaedic Conditions
• Pilates Pre And Post Natal
• CrossFit Mobility
• Crossfit Scaling Course
• Crossfit Gymnastics Course
• CrossFit Judging Course
• Crossfit Spot the Flaw

Tracy and Marco invite you to try out one of their Crossfit classes

Regardless of your previous experience and physical condition.


“Who comes to Crossfit RDS can be easily integrated into our daily classes, since each training is scalable for each individual.”

What sets us apart?

We schedule your training sessions and introduce new exercises daily.


We can also offer nutritional advice in the case that is requested..

We offer group classes or personal training designed for each person, studying your specific case and adapting to your needs and objectives.

Our classes

Crossfit RDS offers a distinctive style of physical training that includes elements of gymnastics, Olympic training and weightlifting.


Our training system uses a functional approach, designed to strengthen your body and prepare it for daily life, both inside and outside the gym. Our programming is varied, creative and fun, as well as challenging and unique.

We program our workouts using functional movements combined with high intensity workouts, which vary constantly to offer the best possible results.

It combines elements of gymnastics, Olympic weight lifting, sprinting, rowing and basic conditioning to improve overall flexibility, strength, speed, endurance and agility.

We perform high intensity EXERCISES, the most effective way to promote positive changes in performance and to see the results faster.

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CrossFit for kids

Crossfit Kids offers a gym designed to be dynamic, effective, inclusive and fun.

A healthy life for our kids requires that they push, pull, run, climb and jump effectively and safely, regardless of whether they practice sports or not.

We take those main movements and incorporate them into our classes in a fun way, so it feels like game and make them want to participate.

We scale the load and the intensity, but we do not change the programs, which finally results in good quality functional movements in the children. Training is ideal for all ages.

It is important to recognise that Crossfit Kids at Riviera Sport Club is not simply a reduced version of Strength and Conditioning training.

It is actually a training that is completely designed for a special population such as children and their specific development needs (neurological, cognitive, motor).


You can try one of our classes completely free of charge and without commitment, just by choosing a class from our schedule.