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News from the Riviera Sport Club

5 things to do in Riviera del Sol

Riviera del Sol is a beautiful town located between La Cala de Mijas and the Sitio de Calahonda. Whether you’re looking to stay for a short period of time or live in the area, and are wondering what things to do in Riviera del Sol, we’ve compiled a helpful list that...

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What are mix-ins?

Being one of the most popular sports on the planet, there is no doubt that many people like to practice tennis in their free time.  A popular way to practice tennis is by taking lessons or playing with a friend. But what about playing competitively? This is where...

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Sport Club Vs Gym. What is the difference?

In this day in age, keeping fit has become one of the top activities for someone to do in their free time. A popular way to stay in shape is by going to the gym, with multiple different types of workouts you can do, from weight lifting to light cardio. But what if you...

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Mijas Bowl arrives at Riviera Sport Club

Next September, Riviera Sport Club will host the next edition of the ITF Junior International Tournament 2018 in its facilities. The event will be held in our facilities from September 15 to 22. The Costa de Sol Circuit tournaments have been held for more...

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Do you know the benefits of going to the gym?

The good weather is over, so it's put away the beach brollies to start getting fit for next summer. More and more people are encouraging themselves to go to the gym. Exercising contributes to improving our state of health, not only physical, but has great advantages...

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